Kevin O'Sullivan

Kevin O’Sullivan

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Areas of expertise include team building, wearables, market and customer knowledge, vision, the ability to solve problems, strategy, decision-making and delivery. Kevin has been self-employed for 23 years and has built and sold several businesses with successful exits. He has held government contracts for 10 years and managed a direct workforce of 60 employees, Kevin is an internationally accredited dressage rider and highly qualified personal training coach and nutritionist.

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Dr. Kevin Casey

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Areas of expertise include cloud computing, data analytics, code optimisation, virtual machines, programming paradigms, embedded systems, and software architecture. Kevin is a graduate of University College Dublin (BSC and MSc in Computer Science). He was awarded his PhD by Trinity College Dublin for his work in Java Virtual Machine optimisations. He has worked for numerous educational institutes, public and private, and advises startups on cloud/mobile development strategies.

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Paddy Bolger

Paddy Bolger

Chief Financial Officer

Areas of expertise include business start-ups, writing business and operational plans, compiling sophisticated financial models, raising funds and advising on strategy. Partner in a leading Chartered Accountancy firm specialising in outsourced financial control, brand licensing deals and corporate finance. Paddy is a graduate of University College Dublin, where he received his BCL & FCA in Law and Accountancy. He is currently involved with high tech start ups in Ireland and the UK.

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Ray Walshe

Ray Walshe

Industry Advisor and Chief Architect

Areas of expertise include Hybrid Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture, High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics, Modelling and Scientific Computing and Artificial Intelligence. As a lead editor for big data standards ISO International and a funded Investigator at the Insight Centre for Big Data Analytics, Ray has moved the company towards creating a predictive analytics platform.

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Ciara Keane

PHD Researcher in Physiology

Areas of expertise include conducting research and clinical trials, developing systems that allow people to better understand their own personal health and validating the management system and coach app against external measuring systems. Ciara is a PhD student in Physiology, studying the human body on a cellular level at UCD and has completed a 4 year degree in Medical Science.


Fergal Ladley

Database & Security Specialist

Areas of expertise include cryptography, network security, reverse-engineering malicious software and analysis of a wide variety of threats. Fergal is a Computer Science graduate of UCD and holds an MSc in Information Security from the University of London. He worked as a threat analyst at Symantec for ten years and has also worked as a network researcher at Ericsson in Sweden and Germany.

Alan Stewart

Alan Stewart

Nutritionist and Conditioning Coach

Areas of expertise include designing personalised, nutritionally balanced meals and creating dynamic exercises programs for wide scale demographics. As a frequent competitor in bodybuilding contests, Alan deals with these subjects every day and is an knowledge leader when it comes to reducing body fat percentage, losing weight and gaining muscle.


Paul Keane

Paul Keane

Patent Attorney FRKELLY

Areas of expertise include drafting patent specifications in the field of electronics, software, physics and medical devices. Paul also deals with matters related to infringement, opposition and revocation.